A. Power Clean + Jerk (% jerk) 55/3+2, 65/3+2, 70/2+1, 74/1+2, 78/2x1+2

B. Back Squat 55/5, 65/4, 70/3, 75/2, 80/1... 7 RM*

C1. 45-Degree Back Extension 3x12

C2. Hanging Knee/Leg Raise 3x8

*We want a maximal effort with this set. This result will serve as the basis for your back squat training during the next cycle. Good position is mandatory, but some grinding is OK. The training maximum for the next cycle will be derived by the following formula: training max=(Kg*7*0.033)+Kg, where Kg=mass used. For example, a lifter uses 75 kilograms for her set. Her training maximum next cycle will be (75*7*.033)+75 = 17.325+75 = ~92.325.