A. Hang Snatch; knee + Hang Snatch; below knee + Snatch (% snatch) 55/2x3+2+1, 65/1+2+1, 70/1+2+1, 75/1+2+1, 80/3x1+2+1

B. Snatch [84/2, 88/1] x2

C. Snatch Deadlift (% snatch) 95/5, 100/4, 105/3x3

D1. Front Squat 55/5, 65/4, 70/3, 75/2, 80/1, 84/1, 88/3x1, 88/AMRAP*

D2. Kettlebell Swing 40|30|20|10|20|30|40 (sets = 7; total reps = 190)

*NOTE: This is a maximal effort, however the athlete should stop (or be stopped) if speed decreases significantly or if posture is compromised.

If the athlete achieves more than 4 reps consider modifying maximum. The following formula is useful: new max=Kg+Kg*reps*0.033, where Kg=mass used in AMRAP and reps=reps achieved. Example: A lifter with a 100kg maximum lifts 88kg for 7 reps in the AMRAP. Her new maximum would be calculated as: 88+(88*7*0.033)=88+20.328=108.328 or ~108kg