The current program represents the training schedule for the majority of the weightlifters at steelbridgewlc.   We alternate between a snatch and squat day and a clean and overhead day.   Every week we invert the schedule to promote variety and to accomodate different schedules. 

As an example, if week 1 starts with a snatch | squat day, then week 2 starts with a clean | overhead day.  The resulting schedule will look like this:

Week 1 :   Snatch | Clean | Snatch | Clean | Snatch | Clean

Week 2:    Clean | Snatch | Clean | Snatch | Clean | Snatch 

This programming is intended for intermediate trainees with some experience and consistent technique.    DO NOT ATTEMPT to do all 6 days at first.   This will be too much volume for the average trainee.  3 or 4 days per week will be an appropriate starting point.

Program Archives


Steel Bridge Weightlifting always has a free ongoing program available.

A rolling list of the last 30 days can be found on the bottom of the home page.

See below for an archive of all workouts in the current ongoing program:


Steel Bridge Weightlifting has an extensive collection of technique emphasis programs available going back 8 years.  

These programs are currently being added to the site and will be available below.       


Snatch emphasis

  1. Snatch work capacity program                  (12 weeks) 

  2. Snatch explosive technique program       (12 weeks) 


Clean Emphasis

  1. Clean bar speed program                            (12 weeks)

  2. Clean + Jerk work capacity                           (12 weeks)


jerk emphasis

  1. Footwork and stability program                 (12 weeks)



  1. Increase front squat overhead strength program        (14 week)

  2. Back squat work capacity and front squat peak           (14 week)